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10 Thoughts Every Princeton Student Has During The Second Week of Classes

Yes bleary-eyed, sleep deprived Princetonian, you read that title correctly. In this article, I mean, poorly-written introduction, I will make the argument that the second week of classes is undoubtedly more harrowing, life-draining, and all around trash than the first week of the semester. I mean think about it, during the first week, you’re still riding off the high from not really “doing” school for a little over a month, and you might be excited to see your friends again or maybe head over to good-’ol Prospect Avenue. However, by the second week of classes you’re hungover and back to reading endless amounts of secondary sources. Don’t worry though, you’re not the only one going through it. Here are 10 thoughts every Princeton student has during the second week of the semester:

1. So we're really doing this? Six weeks straight, no breaks? Cool. Bet. (As a freshman, I feel this one in my chest; if I thought fall semester was bad, spring is going to be The Struggle)


2. I said I wouldn't do (insert vice here) again but like...

3. How many classes is it academically and socially acceptable to drop? As in, can I still graduate?

4. Is it too early to start wearing pajamas to class?

5. (While watching the madness that is Bicker) Have y'all always been this weird?

6. You know, I don't love many things in this life of sin, but God bless Late Meal.

7. It’s okay to “take a break” from those New Year’s resolutions; I have a lot on my plate right now. *watches another episode of The Bachelor*


8. I’m always tired. Again.

9. So that’s getting PDF-ed!

10. Only eleven more weeks to go! 

Godspeed, fellow Princetonians!

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