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Wednesday, August 5

Today's Paper

Princeton University Film Festival showcases 60 student films

High school students from across the country came to the University for the inaugural Princeton University Film Festival (PUFF) held on Nov. 11. The all-day event featured talks by producers, including Jay Stern and Vicki Horwitz, TV executives such as Armando Polanco and Mark Kang, workshops, panels, and screenings of students' work.

PUFF received over 250 film submissions from high school students. The 60 accepted films were run all day in Guyot 010 and McCormick 101. 

“It’s an amazing event that brings together over 100 kids from high schools from as far away as Texas and Iowa and North Carolina to meet with professionals in the industry, ranging from producers of hit TV, movies, and Broadway shows to photographers and performers,” said Ryan Ozminkowski ‘19, director and founder of PUFF.

“In the years to come, we hope to make it one of the most exciting entertainment conferences on the east coast that brings together the best of academia and professionalism,” he added.

For video coverage of the event, click here.