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Letter to the Editor: Sexual harassment in electrical engineering from ELE faculty

We, the undersigned members of the faculty of Electrical Engineering, are writing to express our anger, concern, and frustration in response to the recent incident of sexual harassment in our department. We have no tolerance for such behavior and condemn it in the strongest possible terms. 

We are angry that a student in our community has been harmed, and that our community, which is built on a relationship of trust, has been damaged. 


We are concerned that the safety and well-being of our students and all members of our community be ensured.

We are frustrated with and believe that University processes must be much stronger to deal with such violations of trust when they occur. 

Specifically, to restore trust and protect students: (i) the processes must be as transparent as possible as allowed by law; and (ii) victims must be able to report freely and with the confidence that penalties will serve as a strong deterrent. Anyone who does not uphold the principle of trust between mentors and students/postdocs has no place in our community

Universities and institutions everywhere are struggling with the issue of how to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and assault.  We are proud that Princeton has recently been on the leading edge of many important issues, such as enhancing diversity and promoting access to a Princeton education. We will do everything in our power to ensure our university leads in setting a positive example on this issue.

Ravin N. Bhatt

Minjie Chen


Stephen Y. Chou

Nathalie de Leon

Jason Fleischer

Claire Gmachl

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Andrew Houck

Niraj K. Jha

Stephen A. Lyon

Sharad Malik

Prateek Mittal

Paul Prucnal

Barry P. Rand

Kaushik Sengupta

Mansour Shayegan

James Sturm

Jeff Thompson

Naveen Verma

Gerard Wysocki