Thursday, February 2

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Letter from the Editor: The Editorial Board

This fall, The Daily Princetonian will revise its process for publishing unsigned editorials, which accompany the bylined columns, guest contributions, and letters on our Opinion pages. Historically, until about 12 years ago, these unsigned editorials generally were written by the most senior members of the ‘Prince.’ In recent years, they have been written by an Editorial Board consisting of students with no other ties to the ‘Prince.’

The current Managing Board, after consulting with editors, staff, and the ‘Prince’ Board of Trustees, has decided to return to a more traditional model that includes some of the most experienced members of the organization. However, it will still include students from outside the ‘Prince’ to ensure that the institution’s voice is informed by students with a broad range of experiences and perspectives.


The new Editorial Board will pen editorials in response to important matters that primarily impact our community, when exercising an institutional voice is appropriate. These will be unsigned when a consensus is established; otherwise, any concurring members will be encouraged to write a regular bylined Opinion column. From time to time, ‘Prince’ editors may also publish a letter jointly.

Applications for the new Board will be released in the coming weeks, and members of all classes, including current members of the Board, are encouraged to apply. Alternatively, current Board members are invited to join our Opinion section and write columns under their individual bylines. No application will be necessary if they choose this route to continue contributing to the robust dialogue on our Opinion pages.