Thursday, January 27

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Letter to the Editor: The Frist Ticket Office

We appreciated the feedback from the recent opinion piece on the Frist Campus Center Ticket Office. This input is very helpful and Jared Shulkin ’20 made some great points. With changing technology and customer needs, it is important for our services to evolve. The good news is that we continue to develop our support and explore ways that we can improve service. However, we need to do a better job of communicating the capabilities of the current services while we enhance systems and processes.

In 2015, University Ticketing implemented a new ticketing system, which is helping us expand services for the University community. With the new system, University students, faculty, and staff can log in online, access special pricing and offers, and utilize Passport to the Arts vouchers. In addition, tickets can be printed at home and used on mobile devices.


The majority of tickets for campus events are available online. Sometimes events are not available online at the request of the presenter or because of special distribution plans. With regard to the residential college event trips, University Ticketing is exploring options with the residential colleges to provide more of these ticket offerings online. We hope to begin rolling out an online pilot program with some of the colleges this fall.

Also in the fall, University Ticketing is launching a new ticket office in the Arts and Transit complex. Our plan is to provide the University community with a host of online, in-person, and phone options for accessing tickets that are convenient and helpful.

We greatly appreciate the input and are committed to improving our service through technology and service excellence. We also appreciate and are proud of our excellent student worker staff, which provides exceptional service at box offices and venues throughout the campus.


Nick Robinson, Director of Campus Venue Services