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Announcing the 141st Managing Board of the 'Prince'

Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Sakha ’18

Managing Editors: Grace Rehaut ’18, Megan Laubach ’18, Christina Vosbikian ’18


Head Copy Editors: Samuel Garfinkle ’19, Isabel Hsu ’19

Associate Copy Editors: Caroline Lippman ’19, Omkar Shende ’18

Head News Editor: Marcia Brown ’19

Associate News Editors: Claire Lee ’19, Abhiram Karuppur ’19

Head Opinion Editor: Newby Parton ’18

Associate Opinion Editors: Nicholas Wu ’18, Samuel Parsons ’19


Head Sports Editor: David Xin ’19

Associate Sports Editors: Claire Coughlin ’19, Miranda Hasty ’19

Head Street Editor: Jianing Zhao ’20

Associate Street Editors: Andie Ayala ’19, Catherine Wang ’19

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Cartoons Editor: Tashi Treadway ’19

Blog Editor: Sophia Paredes ’20

Photography Editors: Sneha Iyer ’20, Yuanyuan Zhao ’19, Gemma Zhang ’20, Rachel Spady ’18, Ahmed Akhtar ’17

Design Editors: Quinn Donohue ’20, Crystal Wang ’18, Rachel Brill ’19, Jessica Zhou ’19

Editorial Board Co-Chairs: Ashley Reed ’18, Connor Pfeiffer ’18