Tuesday, January 19

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CSICC's Trick-or-Feed raises over $6,000

The Community Service Interclub Council collected over $5,000 in monetary donations and $1,000 worth of non-perishable items for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen in the Council’s second annual Trick-or-Feed during Princetoween.

Cason Crane ’17, Chair of CSICC, explained that the two main goals of the event were: to do something for a good cause in the participants' capacity as eating club members and community service representatives, and to help break the Orange Bubble by increasing awareness of a local need. As part of Trick-or-Feed, all students going to eating clubs on Princetoween were required to present a special sticker on their University ID card in order to gain entry to each club. When getting their stickers, students were encouraged to contribute some form of donation to TASK.


Crane emphasized that the CSICC wanted to maximize the number of donations by making the process of giving as easy and accessible to students as possible.

“Just by going out and getting a sticker and bringing a canned good or donating online … you can really have an impact in the local community," Crane said.

While Trick-or-Feed 2015 saw just under $10,000 worth of donations in total, Crane still believes the 2016 initiative was successful. Jennifer Peng ’17, Head of Communications for the CSICC, attributed the slightly decreased amount of donations this year to the fact that receiving a sticker was not contingent upon donating.

“Because it was mandatory at first [to donate]...that could be why we ended up raising more money last year,” Peng explained. Nonetheless, she sees the event as a success, adding that “a lot of people still participated in it and a lot of eating clubs still agreed to do it. We were still able to come together in the end, so that was really good.”

Crane also noted that the money raised this year will support TASK’s operations for almost one week. In addition to the contributions to TASK, approximately 100 food items were donated to HomeFront, a New Jersey-based organization dedicated to combatting poverty.