Support the ‘Prince’

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The Princeton College Republicans will be maintaining their earlier position of neutrality on Donald J. Trump’s candidacy, according to College Republican president Paul Draper ’18.

The decision came as a result of deliberations between group officers.

Following the Republican nominee’s lewd comments about women that appeared in a leaked video on Friday, many prominent GOP leaders have withdrawn their endorsement of Trump. Among them include former presidential nominee John McCain. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan also disinvited the vice presidential nominee Mike Pence from attending a rally in Wisconsin.

The National Chair of College Republicans, Alex Smith, also noted on her Twitter account that she is not supporting Trump after the video release on Friday.

“The Party of Lincoln is not a locker room, and there is no place for people who think it is. Definitely not with her, but not with him,” Smith tweeted.

Various College Republican chapters have also begun to consider walking away from the party’s nominee. Notably, the University of Virginia College Republicans noted on their Facebook page that they will hold a vote on whether to withdraw support.

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