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“System resetting, if there is an unauthorized entry, contact PSafe.”

Once again, the ever-ecstatic voice of Why Are You Still Here?echoes over the speakers, congratulating me on having made it tomidnight at the J Street Library for the fourth time this week.

Having been a proud resident of Wilson College for over a month now, there are a few facts about J Street Library of which I am certain: 1) it has extremely comfortable chairs 2) it is scarily quiet 3) someone is always asleep on the blue velvet couches, and 4) the entryway to J Street is where homework goes to die (this last observation being most evident on the daymy roommate told me, “I’m going to J Street,” only to return 4.7 hours later after having accomplished absolutely nothing- for more information contact Janette Lu '20)

Let it be clear, when I say J Street, I'm either referring to the library, where homework has a potential to thrive, or the entryway, where most unassuming frosh congregate.

Take Michele Montas '20, for example, who describes her experiences studying by J Street entryway, saying, “Literally, I can’t shut my mouth, because as I walk up that ramp to the door I always see somebody, and spend the next three hours telling them every detail of my life.”

In contrast, whenVanessa Moore '20, who tends to study inside of the library, was asked why J Street was such an unproductive space, she exclaimed, “What?! I get so much done in J Street!” (To any of those who question her statement, let it be known that she is, in fact, a dedicated member of BSE program).

It should also be noted that outside of J Street is the area known as Wilcox Commons. All that I need to say about that is that anyone who can actually get work done should really be commended, because how can you get any work done when all you can ever hear is the eternal ping pong game downstairs?

Personally, in my studies of the J Street library I have found that it is not the study space itself that is the problem, but rather the people whom you study with (my dear zee group and OA friends, I love you, but I regret to say that I just cannot study with you in the J Street library anymore- we have yet to actually make it into the library one day).

It's a struggle every day.Every time I walk through the doors into Wilcox the common area seems so much more inviting than the silent space past those glass doors.; I have to make a critical decision: right or left? Right to studiousness and productivity, or left to entertainment and the very real potential for free food?

At Princeton, we try and — gasp — we occasionally fail. But at Princeton, after we fail, we eventually prevail (or at least, that’s what every upperclass student has told my roommate who is currently taking COS126).

Through trial and error, we will find our study spaces, our study buddies, and perhaps even the will to turn away from the Wilcox commons. Let us all just hope that that day comes before midterms.

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