Wednesday, December 1

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Letter from the Editor

This is a very exciting time to be a Princetonian.

Over the course of the past few semesters, we have seen active discussions on race and racism on campus, movements to make the campus more inclusive and supportive of students of all identities and backgrounds, and effortsto make pressing issues such as mental health more visible.


Most importantly, studentshavebecome increasingly involved inthedecision-making processes of the University, and whenissuesthat they don't have a direct voice in arise,they demand the right to help make thedecisions that will impact their lives and lives of many others on this campus. Slowly but steadily, Princeton is becoming a place where all of its members feel included and their voices are validated.

From the students and staff to faculty and administration, Princeton as an institution and as a community is full of brilliant people, people who care about this school and are dedicated to making it a better place. Yet because it is such a large and diverse community, it is sometimes difficult to hear voices and experiences that are drastically differentfromone’s own. And when one does not listen to those voices,it becomes difficult toacknowledgethe conditions and structures that one takes for granted, andmay in factbe oppressing and silencing others. Thisonly serves to hinder our ability to work together towards a satisfactory solution.

Our job as a community-based news organization is therefore twofold: to provide a place where diverse groups within our communitycanvoice their views and hear each other so that discussionscanbe sparked, and to step in and voice our own concerns if we believe an important perspective is missing or overlooked in a certain discourse.

Through providing timely, credible, and quality information to our readers, we will continue to try achieving these goals. I would also like to ask your help: please let us hear your voices, because your voices matter. You can engage with us through reading our papers, posting comments, writing letters to the editor orsubmittingguest pieces, or simply telling us what you like about our work or what you think we can improve on. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us attips@dailyprincetonian.comoreic@dailyprincetonian.comif you have any feedback, questions, or tips.

Last but not least, for those of you who want to serve the Princeton community and make an impact on it through journalism, I invite you to join our team. Among other things, the ‘Prince’ is a training school for young journalists. We believe that anyone and everyone interested in journalism should have an opportunity to explore the field, and we are here to help you have that chance. We do not ask for previous experience, since we believe journalism should be accessible to everyone. We welcome students from all backgrounds, because we believe a news organization works best when its staff looks like the community it’s serving and the world we are living in.

If you are interested, come to our open houses, stop by our table in the activities fairthis Friday, or We have over ten sections ranging from News and Opinion to Design and Web, with over two hundred staff working on various projects ranging from data journalism to a cartoon series, so we definitely have places for all of you who are considering joining our team.


I look forward to hearing your voices and working with you this semester.

Yours sincerely,

Do-Hyeong Myeong

Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Princetonian

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