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On tap with Andrew Grasso and Andrew Sun

As waters around the east coast continue to warm up, the Princeton sailing team is in the midst of its spring season. We sat down with senior Andrew Grasso and junior Andrew Sun to talk about sailing first impressions and their late meals of choice.

DP:Where are you from, and what’s your favorite partabout your home?


AS: I’m from Novi, Mich., it’s a little suburb from Detroit … I really don’t know, there’s not that much that happens in suburban Detroit. I guess being close to Detroit and Ann Arbor.

AG: I’m from Old Greenwich, Conn., and the best part about where I’m from is that it’s a few hundred feet from the water, and that sort of got me into sailing, and I was also able to spend all of my summers out by the beach.

DP:How did you pick up sailing?

AG: When I was nine years old, my parents thought it would be fun for me to take a safe boating course that featured a little bit of sailing. From there, I really loved it and kept going back and taking more sailing camp, and every summer getting more into it, a little bit of racing, a little bit of teaching, then came to Princeton, met some people on the team, thought it was a great fit for me, and that’s what brought me here.

AS: Most of my experience with sailing has been from being on the team here, and that’s where I started learning from the different upperclassmen, starting last year and continuing with that.

DP: What was your first impression of meeting the other Andrew and vice-versa?


AG: I was kind of annoyed there was another Andrew. We’ve always had a lot of Andrews on the team, and I was looking forward to finally being called Andrew.

AS: One of the first times I joined the team and came to meet people, I thought you were the most super intimidating person — super intimidating and super serious. But we got to know each other, and that’s not the case at all.

DP:What would you say each other’s spirit animal would be?

AS: Grasso’s is obviously a T-Rex, because always, when he’s talking, he sticks his hands up like a T-Rex, and he never puts them down.

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AG: Sunny is like a big golden retriever, with a nice thick coat, he’s just real soft and you can kinda grab him and hug him.

DP: If you were a late meal item, which one would you be and why?

AG: I’d definitely be the Philly Cheese steak, because not everyone knows I exist, but once you figure out that it’s there, you’re kind of hooked.

AS: I’d totally be the late meal special at the grill because it’s always different, and people don’t’ realize how great of a deal it is until they actually get it.

DP:If you had to take the other person on a date, what would you do?

AG: I’d take him somewhere nice. We could go to a candlelit dinner at Mezzaluna with a nice bottle of wine.

AS: I’d probably go bowling. Then it’d be real competitive, and it’d really get the fire burning.

DP: What are you going to miss about the other Andrew?

AG:It’s been awesome having him as a friend for the last two years, and getting to see him grow into his role as commodore of the team, so I will miss his fearless leadership and steely resolve. I’ll be adrift without a lighthouse next year.

AS:I’ll miss picking on him in my emails sometimes. But, having a person you can always count on on the team, Grasso’s always been there. If you need something done on the team, he’s always there to really lend out a hand, being one of the most dependable people. As a commodore, looking for advice for what to do, Grasso’s always there, helping me out.