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Food Issue: Review of Jammin’ Crepes

The first incarnation of Jammin’ Crepes was a food truck that frequented farmers' markets and festivals. Though it opened up its first storefront last October, the checked plate liners, cork accents and silverware-filled mason jars somehow still recall Jammin’ Crepes beginnings — as does the fact that all of its napkins and to-go containers are compostable. The decor, warm and tasteful, feels vaguely “Southern,” my Texan roommate said. As for the crepes themselves, the offerings, especially on the savory menu, more closely resemble sandwiches than your average Nutella-slathered crepe — which also makes them more interesting.

Last weekend, I roped my three roommates into coming with me for a roomie brunch. We decided to split four crepes: the turkey sausage, egg and cheese;the bacon, egg and cheese from the breakfast menu, with pesto on the side; the Lemon Orchard;and the Nut-cho-tella. I also picked up a(non-alcoholic)Boylan's Birch Beer. The bottle was pretty — and contained pretty standard soda, a mix between root beer and Dr. Pepper.


Our crepes arrived after about 10 minutes. The turkey sausage, egg and cheese was good but unexciting — the sausage was cut into small square chunks that swam in cheese. The bacon, egg and cheese was also heavy on the cheese, though there was a generous amount of bacon that made its flavorful presence presence known. The pesto I ordered with the latter was punchy, with just the right amount of garlic; scooped from its small paper cup and dolloped generously on top of the crepe, it ensured that the bacon, egg and cheese won the contest between these two savory crepes. I enjoyed eating these two crepes, but I think I would have enjoyed them even more on top of good bread — though the subtle sweetness of the dough that became more detectable at the open end of the crepe, where the filling didn't quite reach the crepe’s ruffled edges, was a nice complement to the bacon’s saltiness.

The two sweet crepes were another story, especially in combination with one another. The lemon curd in Lemon Orchard was, a little surprisingly, not sour at all but rather very sweet. It may have been too much so if it weren’t for the Nut-cho-tella, which is filled not with Ferrero’s Nutella but with Jammin’ Crepes’ own chocolate, hazelnut and almond spread. Unlike Nutella, Jammin’ Crepes’ spread has a slightly bitter edge to it that makes me think of amaretto, with bits of nuts that were pleasantly crunchy but not overwhelming. I found myself alternating bites of the two crepes almost without stopping because the combination was so good.

Jammin’ Crepes might be worth paying a visit just for the soothingly stylish “Southern” decor. If you go for the food, it’s solid as well, though the sweet crepes, which also tend to be less expensive, might be more worth the trip than the savory crepes. This was actually my second time there, and I would go back, especially for dessert.

3.5 out of 5 stars

PROS: Diverse menu offerings, good filling-to-crepe ratio, on-point sweet crepes

CONS: Some savory crepes probably better off as sandwiches, tight quarters means you can't linger after your meal without getting pointed looks