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New Dinky station begins operating, relocated Wawa to open soon


Princeton’s new 1,265-square-foot Dinky train station located across from Forbes College and 460 feet south of its original location began operating on Monday, marking an important milestone in the University’s Arts and Transit Project.


The Arts and Transit Project is a $330 million development involving new arts buildings, dining services, transportation facilities and other amenities.

The new Wawa convenience store built next to the new station will open Friday with uninterrupted services, according to the University’s website.

In addition to its “dramatic” new design, the station features an air-conditioned and heated waiting area, restrooms, information kiosks and bike racks, according to the University website. The Wawa’s proximity to the station will be an additional convenience for passengers, University Director of Community and Regional AffairsKristin Appelget said.

Appelget also said, according to the Times of Trenton, that the new Dinky station will be open 30 minutes before the first train of the day and will close 30 minutes after the last train leaves, unlike the old Dinky station, which was open sporadically.

The station was designed by Arizona architect Rick Joy and features angled concrete pillars and a blackened steel-paneled roof.

A temporary station 1,200 feet south of the original Dinky platform opened in August 2013 as part of the Arts and Transit Project. The move gave rise to several town lawsuits, with plaintiffs claiming that the station’s relocation would reduce ridership because of its alleged inconvenience for local commuters.


The temporary station was closed from Nov. 10-16 during the transition, during which time passengers could take the University’s TigerPaWW bus service to Princeton Junction.

In a town meeting earlier this month, University President Christopher Eisgruber ’83 said he regretted the disruptions caused by the project and said the University was committed to making the Dinky commute as practical as possible in the interest of all parties involved.

He also said that the impact of the final Dinky line’s relocation was negligible and noted the Wawa’s additional convenience for pedestrians.

"I think it's great. I don't have to walk five minutes to get to the Dinky station —it's just a straight shot,"Forbes residentNitasha Siddique ’18 said in response to the new station. She added that she likes the station's unique design and that she finds the Wawa's location next to the station very convenient.

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Daniel Taub ’16, however, said he is unhappy that the Dinky station is farther away from campus and will probably stop going to the Wa now that the store is less convenient for him to reach as a pedestrian. Taub resides in 1901 Hall.

An opening ceremony for the new station will be held on Nov. 25 at 1:15 p.m.