Sunday, September 27

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BREAKING: Freshman class council elected, Yee victorious despite penalty

The Class of 2018 has elected five members to its class council, USG president Shawon Jackson ’15 announced in an email to the student body on Friday night. Freshmen Brandon McGhee, Chance Fletcher, Christopher Hsu, Jenny Zhang and Rachel Yee were elected to the five positions. According to elections manager Amara Nnaeto ’17, Fletcher received 289 votes, McGee received 208 votes, Yee received 195 votes, Hsu received 190 votes, and Zhang received 164 votes. According to a spreadsheet on the USG website, Yee was penalized 10 points for creating a “premature facebook group [sic]." Due to a referendum in the April 2012 election, officer positions for the freshman class council were eliminated, so all elected officers have the same role.