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Cannon accepts nine as a result of fall Bicker

Cannon Dial Elm Club took nine of 17 bickerees this fall for an acceptance rate of 52.9 percent, according to sources within the club.

This figure is comparable to last year’s, when 18 of 32 students, or 56.3 percent, were accepted.

Cannon was the only club to hold fall Bicker last weekend. All the other clubs participating in fall Bicker — Ivy Club, Tower Club and Cap & Gown Clubs — will hold Bicker this week. An email sent to students in the Class of 2016 on behalf of the Interclub Council did not include details on how to bicker Cannon, but included details on how to bicker the other three clubs.

It remains unclear why Cannon was not included in the email. Last year, Cannon’s president, Connor Clegg ’14, was also the president of the ICC.

Current Cannon president Connor Kelley ’15 did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Cannon was theleast selective clublast fall. Fourteen of the new members were juniors, and four were seniors. Cannon accepted 13 of 19 students, or 68.4 percent, at itsfirst Bicker sessionin fall 2012. These members included seven juniors and six seniors.

Cannon closed in 1973 and reopened inlate 2011. Sophomores and juniors at the time wrote applications for club membership by November. The graduate board then selected several of the new members to serve on the Bicker committee.

The committee held a special Bicker session just after Thanksgiving break and selected 138 of 189 students, or 73 percent, who officially joined the club in December.

Cannon did not participate in spring Bicker two months later.


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