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Jackson '15 outlines second term

The incoming USG administration plans to create a new campus-wide mentorship project, host a Violence Intervention and Prevention Week in collaboration with the Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising Resources & Education Peer Advisors and work with University administration to revise the grading policy, according to incoming USG president Shawon Jackson '15.

Jackson, who was recently reelected for his second term, said his administrative focus will remain on service in leadership.


Jackson said his Senate project priorities include creating a policy report about students who take gap years entitled theExtended Leave Report,completing the Committee on Background and OpportunityIV report, which looks at students' backgrounds in relation to their experiences at Princeton, and an ongoing mental health initiative.

Jackson said his hope is to increase accountability and approachability among USG members so students understand that “we are here to serve what their needs are and not what our own personal interests are.”

The new USG vice president, Molly Stoneman ’16, said she is ready to work with Jackson on these and other projects and is excited about bringing her own set of new ideas to the student government. Stoneman said one of her major priorities is to increase publicity about USG initiatives and transparency.

“There are so many exciting new projects and initiatives going on, but they really don’t matter if students don’t know about them,” Stoneman said.

To that end, beyond just the USG community, she hopes to keep students in the loop on USG programming and make sure that students’ ideas are also taken into account by USG officers and senators.

Within USG, Stoneman said she will work to make sure projects get done in a timely manner and that members are committed to and held accountable for their work. At the start of her term, she is also excited to facilitate the bonding events and make the “USG family” a home to all its new and old members.


While Jackson and Stoneman have set overarching goals for the next year, the new committee chairs have more specific responsibilities.

Academics Committee chair Jimmy Baase ’15 said he wants to see the Academics Committee address two major issues on campus that are becoming increasingly controversial, namely the grade deflation policy and academic advising.

“These are two areas students often complain about and two areas where, by working with the administration, we can make a lot of improvement,” Baase said.

Baase said he and his committee will be working with deans, administrators and groups like the ad hoc committee on grading policy to see where academic changes should be made and how they can be implemented.

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Paul Riley ’15 , the new Campus and Community Affairs chair, had a campaign platform focused on getting "more discounts from local businesses and more options beyond Nassau Street for all students."

Over the next year, Riley said he is planning to continue the work of the previous CCA chair by collaborating with SHARE on programming and implementing a school wide mentorship program.

Riley said his new initiatives are focused on increasing options for students in the local business community.

“It’s a way for the community to realize that although we are a big university and although we do take up a big part of the town, we do want to be integrated into the community,” Riley said.

Ella Cheng ’16, the new University Student Life Committee chair, said she is excited about her new role as the undergraduate student representative on issues pertaining to student life such as housing, dining, mailroom services and more.

Cheng is a former staff writer for The Daily Princetonian.

Before setting an agenda for the year, Cheng said thatshe is most excited to see what new ideas will come from the undergraduate students on the committee.

“Really, my goals aren’t set in stone until I get feedback from the team,” Cheng said.

This year, Cheng said the committee wants to be sure to accept feedback from the student body and work to meet the students’ needs as they arise.

Logan Roth ’15 is the new Social Committee chair and has already been working with his team to bring “really great bands” to campus for Lawnparties.

“In general I want to bring more music to campus,” said Roth. “I want to put on more concerts than have been here in the past.”

Roth said he recognizes that the University also has great student groups in the realm of performing arts and hopes to integrate those groups with the events that USG hosts.

This administration will also include two new Public Engagement chairs and a director of external affairs as part of the Communications Committee, a committee recently formed by Jackson and Stoneman, Jackson said.