Wednesday, December 7

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In final meeting, USG passes measure requiring class governments to report their budgets

In its final meeting of the year Sunday night, the USG Senate unanimously passed a series of constitutional amendments that require the class governments to report their budgets and hold monthly meetings. Analysis of data for the fourth Committee on Background and Opportunity survey has been completed, Class of 2015 senator Zach Ogle announced.

Ogle explained that he felt the team’s present analysis of the data was not sufficiently detailed and that he hopes to analyze the data further. The COMBO team has not yet set a release date for its fourth report.


Ogle proposed subsetting COMBO data further using a multivariate analysis, arguing that this would allow the COMBO team to further discern which variables affect student experience on campus. For example, rather than saying students of a certain race generally have a certain experience, a report with a multivariate analysis would be able to say that students of a certain race with a certain socioeconomic status generally have a certain experience.

“I think that a lot of it depends also on what you want to do with the information,” Class of 2014 senator Charissa Shen said in response to Ogle’s question. She said that she believes that multivariate analysis “is so helpful.”

U-Council chair Elan Kugelmass '14 questioned the effectiveness of the USG’s website on behalf of the newly formed Transparency Committee. He noted that the website has not been updated to include information for the new members of the USG, meeting minutes have not been posted and events and services are out of date, among other discrepancies.

IT chair Adam Suczewski '15 explained that he is currently working on the website with a member of the IT committee and should have a demo ready soon.

Only one request for information has been submitted to the Transparency Committee thus far, according to Kugelmass’ report. The request came from The Daily Princetonian.

The USG’s pilot Wintersession program, which offers enrichment classes and seminars during Intersession, now has more than 600 students enrolled, U-Councilor Katherine Clifton ’15 announced. The program is offering 51 courses taught by 47 students and 10 staff instructors.


This November’s Thanksgiving buses served 197 students, according to U-Councilors Paul Riley ’15 and Clifton. The program generated $481.20 in profit.

Jackson ended the meeting by delivering final remarks to his first administration and saying goodbye to the 13 members of the current USG Senate who will not be returning to the Senate next year.

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