Saturday, December 3

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USG announces winners of freshman class council elections

The new Class of 2017 class council officers were announcedFridayevening by USG president Shawon Jackson '15 in an email sent to the freshman class.
The new officers areNusrat Ahmed '17,CJ Harris '17,Luke Li '17,Nathan Suek '17 and AndrewSun '17.
The five freshmen were chosen out of 23 who ran for the position.
Sun received 253 votes, Suek received 233 votes, Harris received 197 votes, Li recieved 174 votes and Ahmed received 173 votes.
Jackson did not disclose in the email the percentage of votes each elected officer received.
A referendum in the election of April 2012eliminated officer positionsfor the freshman class council. Instead of having a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and social chair like the upperclass council, the freshman class council officers are all equals.