Wednesday, December 1

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USG approves $65,000 for fall Lawnparties

The USG has approved a $65,000 funding request from the Social Committee for the fall Lawnparties, according to USG president Shawon Jackson ’15.

The request was officially approved on July 17 by vote conducted over e-mail, since the entirety of the student government was not able to meet in person, he explained.


According to Jackson, the funding will cover the costs of the main act and supplies needed for the event.

This figure is slightly higher than the $60,000 approved for last spring's Lawnparties but slightly lower than the $70,000 approved for the spring 2012 and fall 2012 Lawnparties, according to figures provided by Jackson.

Lawnparties is scheduled to take place onSept.15. Earlier this month Tower Club president Doug Stuart confirmed thatAaron Carter will performas the club’s act for fall Lawnparties. No other acts have yet been confirmed.