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The Princeton Guide for the Sleep-Deprived

Congratulations, Class of 2017! You’ve made the best decision of your life: joining the Orange Bubble. You've traveled the world, made ground-breaking discoveries and are ready to conquerPrinceton. Nothing could possibly stop you, except perhaps that fiend and terror to all—sleep.

You’ll be sitting in the Rocky common room chatting with your friend until sunrise then casually strolling into the dining halls for pancakes. You’ll be cramming for exams in the Wilson dance studio just because it’s the only place cool enough to keep you awake. And sometimes, you’ll be waking up after having missed an entire day of class and pull an all-nighter trying to catch back up. So from onesleep-deprivedexpert to another, here’s myPrincetonguideto survival.


Know your late-night food spots

Get yourself a punch card atWitherspoon's, located in Frist Campus Center. Every ninth coffee is free, and if you’re lucky enough, you may even get a free chai latte or cappuccino. If you’re up for a brief study break, grab a buddy and go tothe Wa. Try mixing their coffee half-half for a blissful4 a.m.serenity.

Murray-Dodge Cafeoffers free cookies from10 12:30 a.m. every day except Saturday, when it's open until1:30.The basement hangout offers great music and board games for those desiring a late night pick-me-up.

The French bread pizzas and nachos at Butler College'sStudio 34are to die for. If you're too lazy to head down campus, try theC-Storeat Frist, open until2 a.m. Play some pool and pop by theFrist Food Galleryduring exam weeks for daily snacks at the same time.

TheU-Storeis also open until4 a.m.every day, where you'll find everything from light meals to tweezers.When else would you pluck your eyebrows if not the night before your paper's due?

In addition to these food outlets, you'll find that free food is offered liberally on campus. Student groups, your residential college, your residential college adviser (RCA) and your residential graduate student (RGS) will offerstudy breaks:Be on the lookout for them, and attend them religiously.


Claim your territory

Frist classrooms fill up fast and libraries close much too early for a school suffering from grade deflation. Find a place you like and settle down early. Some buildings don’t kick you out as long as you've hidden in one of their classrooms before they turn off Prox access for the night, so buckle down, sit in and don’t move.

Establish wake-up-call friendships

You won’t ever be the only one up late, and you definitely don’t want to miss your9 a.m.language class or physics precept, so have your friends call you when they get up (and vice versa). Bonus points for the friends who will break down your door if you’re not picking up.

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Take a break

You can't possibly sit and work through an entire night. Believe it or not, taking breaks will make your life so much easier, even if you do end up sleeping in a bit later. Stargaze on a clear night;Princetonhas one of the most beautiful night-views on the east coast, especially behind the golf course. Befriend your fellow squirrels; Asian tourists don’t have to be the only ones fascinated by them. Start an Instagram sunrise series, but only if you’re desperate enough to think that it's a good idea.

Mix and match

There are a ton of other tips up our sleeves, but it’s best you discover them yourselves.Princeton’s a place where sleeping is sometimes a waste of time, because let’s face it, where else would you be surrounded by so many amazingly talented and interesting people? Congrats again Class of 2017—it’s going to be a good four years. Now go to bed!