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The Board is responsible for determining the position of the ‘Prince’ on a range of matters that affect Princeton, its campus community and our generation. We meet twice a week to discuss campus issues, solicit input from potential stakeholders and ultimately determine the stance the ‘Prince’ will take on the issue at hand. We work closely with other sections of the newspaper to gather information about editorial topics, but we deliberate behind closed doors and independently determine our own positions to preserve objectivity. The Board answers only to its chair, Ethan Jamnik ’15; the opinion editor, Sarah Schwartz ’15; and the editor-in-chief, Luc Cohen ’14.

While the Board strives for unanimity, editorial positions are determined by majority vote and members take turns writing editorials. The majority opinion is signed collectively by the Board, rather than the individuals who concurred with the position of the majority. The minority can also publish a dissent that will bear the names of the individuals dissenting when it is particularly passionate about the issue. All majority opinions are the collective product of the Board and constitute an independent voice separate from other sections of the ‘Prince.’

Crucial to our mission is the ability to incorporate a variety of diverse perspectives into the editorials we produce. Current Board members come from across the globe and represent a wide variety of majors, political philosophies and academic and extracurricular interests. What unites us is an engagement in campus life and a commitment to investigating and discussing issues that pertain to the University community. We are committed to bringing compelling arguments and perspectives to this page, criticizing and praising in equal measure. We try to recommend specific policies or actions for the University that, in our opinion, are best for the community as a whole.

For us, its members, the Board is one of the defining activities of our time at Princeton. From the (relative) comfort of our fourth-floor conference room, we engage in challenging, passionate and intellectually stimulating debates that lead us to examine and confront the full range of issues that affect our lives at Princeton. It is especially exciting when our suggestions make a lasting contribution to the broader discussion about an issue, like the shout-out in The New York Times article on grade deflation, or when they are adopted by the University, such as the current P/D/F policy or the Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women’s Leadership.

Our aim is to inspire discussion and, ultimately, action. But this is impossible without students with unique perspectives — independent thinkers who are eager to debate and willing to engage with issues important to Princeton. We value writing ability, creativity and strength of thought much more than journalistic experience. If you are interested in joining us, we encourage you to fill out our application at by midnight on Sunday, Feb. 17. Applicants will be interviewed shortly thereafter. We look forward to meeting you!