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Gift guide: Roommate

By now you’ve known your roommates for a couple months. For some people this means that you feel like family, and for others, roommates are simply people who happen to breathe the same air as you. Whichever category your roommates fall into, at the end of the day you live together — and it’s the holiday season, so they deserve a gift.

For the “close-friend” roommate: Jewelry, Places to Bead, $15-$20, 41 Witherspoon St.


This roomie is someone you can always count on: At this point, you two have had some deep conversations and shared some hidden secrets. They’re the person you want to give something special to, so The Place to Bead on Witherspoon Street offers just that. For just $15 to $20, you can design and customize jewelry (earrings, necklaces and bracelets) to fit this roommate to show just how much you appreciate them. If you’re willing to splurge, the sky’s the limit; this store is filled with colorful options.

For the “cohabitate-and-tolerate” roommate

You live together but honestly would never talk to one another otherwise. This type of relationship calls for a basic recognition gift. See “People You Sort of Know.”

For the “blackout-buddy” roommate: Flask, Mandalay Trading Company, $22.95, 26 Witherspoon St.

This is is your go-to roommate when you want to have a fun night out. The past three months have been filled with some crazy nights you can’t remember, but you’ve always been there to take care of each other at the end of them.

To celebrate this match made in heaven, get a gift they ‘can’ remember you by. Mandalay Trading Company offers a $22.95 stainless steel flask that says “we go together like drunk and disorderly.” It describes your relationship perfectly.



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