Wednesday, March 22

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Editorial: Yaroshefsky for president; Ettman for vice president

The board believes that the best choices for each race are, respectively, Yaroshefsky and Ettman.

The most significant difference between the two presidential candidates is Yaroshefsky’s extensive experience in student government, including a year as USG president and a year as chair of the USG Information Technology Committee. Korbel, by contrast, has no experience in student government. Yaroshefsky’s accomplishments during his tenure are impressive, from sponsoring fitness classes to promoting monthly service-oriented events, including the particularly visible education week held this October. In the past year, Yaroshefsky has focused mainly on student life and other non-academic affairs. He has pledged, however, that if reelected he will maintain a greater focus in the upcoming year on academic issues, which are richly deserving of USG attention. Yaroshefsky has substantial experience, a record of accomplishment and a concrete vision for the future. He is the most qualified candidate for the position, and we endorse him for USG president.


The race for vice president this year is more competitive than that for president. Although all four candidates have their strengths — and although we were particularly struck by many of Holliman’s proposals for future USG initiatives — we believe that Ettman and Greenbaum are the two strongest candidates. Greenbaum has built a record of accomplishment during his time on the USG, particularly with regard to student athletics. Nonetheless, we believe Ettman is ultimately more qualified.

Over the past year, Ettman led the effort to produce a new and extremely helpful website for incoming freshmen; played an instrumental role in planning many USG events, including the internal USG retreat in September; and sits on the Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women’s Undergraduate Leadership. Since much of the vice president’s role centers on coordinating the activities of various USG members to ensure the overall productivity of the USG, Ettman’s experience planning USG events is particularly relevant to the position she seeks. Furthermore, her seat on the steering committee permitted her to forge connections with many leading University administrators, including President Shirley Tilghman — connections that may prove particularly helpful as the USG addresses controversial issues in the upcoming year. Though only a sophomore, Ettman appears to be the future of the USG, and the board endorses her for vice president.