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Letters to the Editor

Dude, where's my 'Prince'? Seriously!

I subscribe to the 'Prince' — not once, not twice — but five days per week. I was under the impression that The Daily Princetonian was in fact a daily newspaper. I have not received my 'Prince' in a week. This is, like, totally not sweet, dude.


I have been misled by your staff and robbed by your embezzling business office. You should look into hiring David Tannebaum '01. I've heard his sweatshop techniques work wonders for improving productivity.

If the 'Prince' had one shread of journalistic integrity you would deliver my paper to my doorstep on a routine and consistent basis. If you had a shred of humanity, you would bring me a cup of coffee and a danish, too. A.C. Slater '03

Right I can without requirement's help new

As a newly-anointed member of the Princeton Class of 2005, the new writing requirement troubles and also to the extent that it irks me. To think that if we are able to have been received admittedly into this fine institution; And yet we are to re-tool ourselves writing skills? In quoting William Shakespeare to thoroughly who I have studied, Wherefore? I am not to think that my private school education should haven't prepared me for the ability to write papers collegiately. On college ruled paper I already take notes and having taught me well, I have learned to make less errors high school English class in. If were I known, I would have to instead applied myself to Harvard. Maximillian Prescott Brandonson, III '05