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Dean Fred Hargadon takes administrative leave until January

Early admission candidates for the Class of 2005 will be welcomed to the University without Dean of Admission Fred Hargadon's signature 'Yes!' letters.

Hargadon, who is on administrative leave until the regular admission process begins in January, has been replaced by Acting Dean of Admission Stephen LeMenager.


LeMenager said he has assumed all of Hargadon's responsibilities without changing the structure of the admission process.

"I consider myself to be a caretaker for his office," LeMenager said Monday. "There is not going to be any change in terms of how admissions will be made."

While Hargadon will not review any early decision applications, the transition between deans should be seamless, Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel said.

"Obviously Dean Hargadon's not being involved means a particularly experienced member is absent, but the process and standards are the ones he has institutionalized, and the staff is experienced and knows how he thinks about candidates," Malkiel added.

LeMenager himself has extensive experience aiding in admission decisions, having been a staff member in the office for 17 years. He most recently served as an associate dean and director of operations for the office.

Leaves of absence are not uncommon for administrators seeking a rest from the nitty-gritty details of their work, Malkiel said.


"Very often, when very senior people have been working for a very long time, taking several months of administrative leave before resuming their positions is something that happens," she said. "I think Dean Hargadon is eager to do some intensive reading, reflecting and thinking about larger issues in admissions at Princeton and nationally."

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