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The year in review

As we close out the year at the 'Prince,' we wanted to share our thoughts about the character of the year gone by. Here, in no particular order, are the first annual 'Prince' "YES!" and "GOD NO!" awards.


- To Bill Bradley '65 for fighting the good fight - To Peter Singer for sticking it out despite protests and belligerent alumni - To the lone Nude Olympics runner - To the imminent completion of the Frist Campus Center - To the Reference Room in Firestone — a complement to the academic party that is the Reserve Room - To grad students, for showing us that campus politics take place on the other side of the golf course as well - To the A+ with comments that most of us will never see - To the PJ impostor and his mass e-mails — making us laugh before we hit "delete" - To Lee Vartan '00 for singlehandedly informing us about campus social events - To the survival of the Swahili language class - To CIT for surviving Y2K - To the African American Studies Program, looking to grow on its 30th anniversary - To Roger Hughes for endeavoring to rescue the football team from Ivy League mediocrity - To the new fitness center — PJ's one true vision - To Jon Stewart for "whizzing" on the Mercer Oak - To 30 years of coeducation and the Class of 2004 for its 50-50 gender split. - To the Indigo Girls for dispelling rumors that they hate Princeton - To eating club life and the sophomore class for reviving a down-and-out Colonial - To the trustees for giving us money not to drink - To all our Ivy League champions — men's cross-country, men's soccer, men's fencing, women's fencing, men's squash, women's swimming, men's track, baseball, men's golf, men's lacrosse and women's tennis - To Wythes for giving us something to cover — repeatedly


- To Steve Forbes '70 for refusing to donate money until Peter Singer leaves the University - To Ben Shopsin '02 and the students who broached the Janina Montero effigy alternative - To the students who burned the Walk of Time exhibit - To the never-ending construction that turned campus into one large edifice of scaffolding - To the arcade in front of Frist that will one day support the campus monorail project - To the Graduate College administrators for botching the D-Bar fiasco - To the coat thieves for starting a ridiculous undergraduate market for North-Faces - To Tiger Pizza for ending its delivery services, but still gouging us at 1879 Arch - To the Mercer Oak for falling over - To McCosh for misdiagnosing everyone with pregnancy or mono - To Hoagie Haven for the cockroach cheesesteak - To the general dearth of student parking - To the Borough Police for ticketing and towing everyone who tries to park within a five-mile radius of campus - To sweatshop activists for being outdone by grad students - To the Registrar for its limited-enrollment computer glitch and general incompetence

Thanks for a newsworthy year. See you in September.