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Letters to the Editor

Defending Public Safety

I am a freshman this year, and my roommate is African American. Having lived closely with her for the better part of seven months it has not been hard to recognize that this campus is segregated, racially unbalanced and at times, unsupportive of minority students. I have been closely watching the events surrounding the questionable treatment of Damon Nabrit '03 this weekend and am more than a little disturbed. But, as important as it is to ask would the incident have occured if Nabrit were white, it is also important to ask would the incident have incited this kind of a reaction if he were white. I feel as though Public Safety is receiving a disproportionate amount of criticism. After all, there are many dedicated and sensitive black and white Public Safety officers.


Rather than accuse and place blame, let us all use this incident to focus on our community as a whole and how each one of us affects the racial climate of this campus. Public disscussion on the issue is necessary and long overdue. But we need to separate what happened this weekend from what I feel is the larger issue of how this entire community deals with its minority students. Let's not put our energy in the wrong place, not vent our frustrations in inappropriate channels and most importantly, not allow this to be a reason to hate. Bridget Love '03