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Fans didn't give Rocca a proper send-off

Shame on all of us for not giving Mason Rocca '00 a better send-off in his last game at Jadwin Gym. For those of you who didn't know (and judging by the crowd that means most of you) Saturday night was Senior Night for the men's basketball team. It was our last chance to let Mason Rocca know how much he has meant to the team, the fans and the school, and no one showed up. The crowd was paltry to say the least.

My point is that Mason deserved better. We were all willing to go and cheer for the team and Mason when they were winning, but once they lose, the fans are nowhere to be found. That is fine; fair-weather fans are a given, but here at Princeton we had someone special. We had a chance to honor the type of athlete that only comes around once a decade. Mason was a throw-back player who worked harder than anyone else and was an example to us all.


The fact that students did not come to show their appreciation for his selfless dedication to the program and the school was an embarrassment to every person who has ever claimed allegiance to the men's basketball team. Mason is a big boy; he didn't need us to show how much we care. His life will go on. But the point is, he deserved it, and we were all too selfish to give it to him. Shame on us.