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U-Council and sweatshops

As chair of the University's Resources Committee that has been charged by the U-Council with investigating the issue of sweatshop labor, I was surprised to read John Kimble '02's letter in the Feb. 21 issue of the 'Prince' suggesting that student opinion had been ignored.


On Feb. 2, the Resources Committee met with three students from the Students for Progressive Education and Action (SPEAC) concerning the sweatshop labor issue. We have also now reviewed two editions of SPEAC's critique of the Fair Labor Association (FLA). In addition, the Resources Committee sponsored a public panel on the FLA on Feb. 16 where members of SPEAC and other students were given extensive periods of time to ask questions and present their views.

The Resources Committee is now in the process of writing its report for the U-Council. I continue to encourage all members of the University community to communicate their views to the committee. Jeffrey Herbst '83 Chair, University Resources Committee