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Letters to the Editor

Behave cautiously at club initiations

We are writing to encourage students to be mindful of the risks associated with drinking alcohol during Bicker and sign-ins. We know from the number of students treated at McCosh Health Center for alcohol intoxication that excessive drinking presents a real threat to the safety of our students. It takes only one student being injured as a result of intoxication to remind us of the dangers that accompany excessive alcohol consumption, how revelry can mask those dangers, and how easy it is to feel invulnerable when caught up in the celebration.


As you participate in Bicker and sign-ins please remember that there are many students who choose not to drink. If you decide to drink, please keep these guidelines in mind: 1) Eat a substantial meal and drink water or other non-alcoholic beverages early in the evening. Drinking coffee, eating or taking a cold shower will not help you sober up. 2) Limit to one drink per hour. It is dangerous to consume large amounts of alcohol in a short time because it is impossible for your body to safely metabolize the alcohol. Additionally, binge drinking has a delayed effect, which means you will not be able to control the impact the alcohol has on you and you may become more intoxicated than you had intended. 3) If you have been drinking, don't leave the party alone. If necessary, call Public Safety for transport. 4) Know what to do in case of an emergency. Never leave a drunk person alone. A conscious person could pass out on the way home or later at home. If someone is unconscious, do not assume that person is asleep. He or she may be in a coma. If lying down, the person should be turned on his or her side to prevent aspiration of vomit. Then call Public Safety (911 from any campus phone) or Princeton University Health Services (258-3139) for assistance.

We hope this year's Bicker and sign-ins will be enjoyable and safe for everyone. Ellen Kent, Ph.D., Coordinator Alcohol Team Counseling Center University Health Services