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I am so excited to take this opportunity to tell everyone about this new club that I went to this past weekend. It is AWESOME in capital letters. The club is, that is.

It was like its own little subculture. I didn't immediately fit in, but after just a short while I figured out how the "game was played," so to speak, and I was going to "work" with the best of them. I am so excited to be able to tell everyone about it, but I also want to tell you some of the ground rules for the club so that you don't make some of the same mistakes that I did as a first-timer.


Rule number one: You definitely need a valid I.D. They have bouncers at the entrance that won't let you even get close to coming in if you don't have your I.D. and unfortunately, as I found out, they don't accept the excuse that you forgot it at home so don't even think about trying that one. They also check your bag so no contraband.

Rule number two: There is definitely a dress code. I was not aware of this when I went my first time and it made me stick out like a sore thumb. I thought that I would just wear some more casual clothes than I would out at the 'Street' since I was sick of having to get dressed to kill. Unfortunately, they wanted nothing to do with me the way I was dressed. The dress code isn't posted on the entrance or anything. That is why I feel like I want to warn you. When I was on my way to the club with my friends they turned to me and asked, "You aren't going to wear that are you?" I replied, "I didn't realize there was a dress code." Oh, how wrong I was.

Enough with the rules, now let me describe the club and all its awesome facilities. It has multiple floors (four, I think) and each one has its own personality. The first floor (it is also the most popular) is just for general socializing and hanging out, but as you go up floor by floor the club gets more intense and people really start "working their thing."

The multi-floor system (I know it has been done before) is cool because it also makes it so that each floor has its own kind of people. Just like the eating clubs attract different kinds of people, so too do the different floors of this club. I like that aspect because it allowed me to find my groove depending on what mood I was in there.

Just like any club, people were there for different reasons. Some were there to "work their thing," some were there to "go to work" and some were there simply "to be seen" (which I think is lame). One aspect of the club that I don't like that much (but maybe you will) was that people seemed so into talking about it. Everyone around me now is always talking about how they "want" to go back, and how they "need" to go back. It has gotten to the point where some of my friends even say they "have" to go back. As if they have no choice. I think it has some addictive qualities (like drugs do — or so I've heard) that make people feel like they don't even have a choice, but that they "have" to go back.

It is cool. Oh my goodness (sigh), did I neglect to tell you what the club is called? My mistake, it is called Firestone library. Check it out sometime. But if you do, do so at your own risk and follow the rules or else. Consider yourself warned. Justin Kerr is a politics major from Newport Beach, Calif. He can be reached at