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The 2001 board's first issue

On June 14, 1876, eight Princeton students, led by J.F. Williamson 1877, began publishing a newspaper called The Princetonian. In their first issue, the founding editors greeted the University community with a simple, yet earnest promise: "In a word," they wrote, "we mean that The Princetonian shall be not unworthy of Princeton College."

In the 124 intervening years, Princeton has remained one of the world's most prestigous universities, and the paper which would later become The Daily Princetonian has strived to remain worthy of being its paper of record. And just as the University has often mixed a reverence for tradition with an ongoing commitment to progressive change, so too must editors of the 'Prince' supplement a respect for their paper's storied history with a willingness to improve and transform the newspaper they love.


It is with this notion in mind that we, the Class of 2001 Managing Board, offer the Princeton community a 'Prince' that is substantially different from the one that has been published in recent years. With today's issue, we introduce Page 3, a new section that will focus on a different topic each day, allowing us to pursue in-depth investigative pieces, present fresh angles on provocative issues and tell stories about life at Princeton that have often gone untold in years past.

In addition, we introduce an overhauled design that we hope will give the 'Prince' a more modern look and make it more exciting to read. We also invite the University community to make increased use of our Website, which, over the next semester, will strive to make better use of the interactive possibilities offered by the Internet. The series of weekly online polls that we inaugurate today is just the beginning.

Despite these changes, what remains the same at the 'Prince' is our commitment to covering news in a thorough and unbiased manner, just as our predecessors have done for over a century. By devoting ourselves to this tradition, and at the same time creating traditions of our own, we hope to fulfill the promise of The Princetonian's founding editors — that the newspaper of J.F. Williamson would be worthy of the extraordinary school it covers. RICHARD JUST '01 124th Editor-in-Chief