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2000 board steps aside: The concluding chapter

A 135-edition journey through a small, though significant, fraction of University history comes to a close today for The Daily Princetonian's 2000 Managing Board.

We depart with many issues still to be resolved. The Frist Campus Center is near completion, but has yet to open; the Nude Olympics is outlawed, but a snowfall has yet to test the ban; the alcohol initiative is underway, but no conclusive results as to its efficacy are yet available.


As such, this board recognizes the short span in the scope of Princeton life that we were able to record for our readers – and for the generations of Princetonians who may someday look back on these pages as a measure of campus news from 1999 to 2000.

But I am proud of the job that we did in presenting that slice of history.

We asked tough questions and made public debates about important changes in campus policies. This board was not afraid to take criticism. Indeed, many readers may not have agreed with all our decisions (as numerous letters to the editor testified), but I believe that we were fair, frank and open in all our coverage.

We leave the 'Prince' in the trusted hands of the 124th managing board's editors. With them now rests the opportunity to write one more volume of University history – to pick up on the issues left unresolved during our tenure and to embark on their own journey through a year in the life of this most special campus. STEPHEN FUZESI '00 123rd Editor-in-Chief