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Trailers to replace courts in Dillon pit

For many students, a midnight game of hoops in the outdoor courts in the pit behind Dillon Gym can provide a stress-relieving study break. But due to construction that has begun in the location, students may have to find some other form of recreation.

According to Robert Barnett, assistant director of Physical Planning, the area behind Dillon where the exterior basketball courts are located is the planned site for the construction of temporary structures to house some classrooms and department offices.


Barnett explained that the modular buildings will house offices and classrooms from the Department of Near Eastern Studies. These departments will return to their homes in Jones and Palmer halls upon the erection of the new Frist Campus Center, scheduled to be completed in the spring term of 2000.


"We will only be relocating a couple of our lectures during construction," said Kathleen Knight-O'Neill, NES department manager. "We are located in Palmer, and we will still continue to have our offices there, but we will be sharing a classroom (behind Dillon)," she said.

Knight-O'Neill added that the department of East Asian Studies will also be temporarily relocating behind Dillon, clearing a great deal of space in both Jones and Palmer halls.

"Seventeen people will be moving to the modulars next year," said Christine Hewitt-Wooden, EAS department manager.

The relocation is not unlike the one that occurred two years ago during the construction of the Woolworth music building. During construction, Palmer Hall housed the music department and several practice rooms were relocated to trailers.

The construction effort should be completed by the summer, Barnett said, and then staff members will begin relocating their offices to the temporary structures. The classroom accommodations should be ready for the return of students in the fall.


"Construction is already under way," Barnett said. "The contractors are now doing foundation work, and in April we should receive the materials for the modular buildings."

Basketball courts

The basketball courts behind Dillon will not be usable for two years until the completion of the campus center, Barnett said.

While he said that "there are no plans to relocate" the outdoor playing area, the area will be returned to its normal state once the campus center is completed.

"We certainly intend to restore it to what it is now when we are finished," he said.

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According to both department managers, the relocation of offices has also caused some problems for the involved departments.

"It's always an inconvenience whenever you have to uproot, but in the long run, it will be nice," Knight-O'Neill said.

Hewitt-Wooden agreed. "Splitting the department? Well yes, there are going to be a lot of inconveniences," she said.