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Student-faculty relations

When the USG passed a resolution in February to create an organization mirroring the Faculty Committee on Examinations and Standing – the Student Committee on Examinations and Standing – it took a necessary step to marshal student opinions on academic matters that affect the entire undergraduate body. Now, with plans for an inter-committee meeting between the student and faculty bodies, another important step has been taken: ensuring that those student opinions are expressed in a medium that ultimately affects academic policy issues.

This type of interaction between the student and faculty committees is long overdue. If the two sides had met sooner, and a significant amount of student input been considered, the recent grade inflation debate would not have reached the fever pitch that eventually made it national news. The wake of this debate has fostered a better relationship between the committees, but it should not take an issue of such proportions to bring the students and the faculty together.


More importantly, increased interaction between the two sides should not be a feature exclusive to the student and faculty committees on examinations and standing. This type of relationship should extend to all faculty committees that have a bearing on student life, guaranteeing a more diverse discussion of issues, and ultimately working for the betterment of student life.