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Witucki GS sustains injuries after cycling team accident

After bumping handlebars with another biker, cycling team member Laurie Witucki GS was rushed to the hospital Thursday. She was released soon after, sustaining only minor cuts and bruises.

The accident occurred while Witucki was practicing with the rest of the team on Amwell Road, 20 miles north of campus, according to team member Katherine Siquig '99. "Her bike slipped out from under her, and a couple of riders ran her over," Siquig said. One of the riders who ran her over, Kevin Bourke '99, also fell, but escaped injury.


A nearby state trooper called an ambulance when Witucki complained of neck pains, Siquig added. She was released from the hospital after being cleaned up.

Siquig – who broke her collarbone earlier this season in a cycling accident – said Witucki was the fifth team member to be hospitalized this year. Siquig noted, however, that most of these injuries were "bumps and bruises." She added that coach Robert Ellis is "very safety conscious," and that last year no riders were sent to the hospital.

Witucki was saved from any major injuries because the group was riding slowly on an uphill stretch, said team member Reed Tanger '99.

Witucki confirmed that she was fine and that "the whole team is healthy for the race next weekend."