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WCBS raises false hope for nude run

Contrary to a WCBS radio report yesterday, the Nude Olympics did not take place early this morning, as the University snow shortage continues. Though New York City and various parts of northern New Jersey were blessed with several inches of snow yesterday morning, Princeton was not granted a respite from the warming effects of El Niño.

WCBS Newsradio 88, a New York City radio station, reported that the Olympics had been planned for Sunday night because of the widespread snow in the area. The story, accompanied by a poem, was the latest in a small feature series about the campus phenomenon, according to Newsradio's Kathy Carpin. "We were mostly interested because of the late snow," she said.


WCBS's story was one of several recent news reports centering on the naked frolic, indicating a strong regional interest.

Also printed yesterday was a story in The New York Times Metro section, describing the 24-year tradition and bemoaning this year's lack of snow. The article did not give an exact date for the event.

In the news

Sophomore class president Jen Jennings '00 said the media is particularly interested in the annual event "because Princeton is an elite college." She said the press likes an excuse to use an Ivy League name. "We saw that with grade inflation," she said.

But the University's name is not the only reason for media interest. El Niño's effects have captured newsmakers' attention all winter. "Besides," Jennings said, "it's kind of an anomaly for 500 sophomores to be naked in the snow."

Some sophomores fear that the Nude Olympics may be discontinued. A tradition that receives worldwide attention is at risk of coming to an end this year, as the snowless winter continues.

There has been discussion by the sophomore class about eventually holding the Olympics, however, nothing is set, in keeping with the spontaneity that has been associated with the event, according to Phyllis Chiang '00.


Jennings said there was "no news" to report and little hope for last-minute snow.

Snow optional

Perhaps this year's Nude Olympics will be a throwback to Nude Olympics of old, when they were a celebration of the first few warm days of the spring. The very first Olympics were held to symbolize that it was comfortable to disrobe.

It seems more and more likely that the Class of 2000 will be forced to run in warmth. As March turns to April, it appears less likely that the University will see snow.

Potential runners remain hopeful for snow but said, snow or no snow, the Olympics should go on.

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"I think we should run anyway," Josh Diehl '00 said. "I think it will be dangerous next year if we all run. The sophomore and junior class would just be too much."

While Jennings said she hopes the class will not have to employ fake snow or cool whip, she remains hopeful that snow is in the forecast. "You never know," she said.