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USG reactivates NAACP chapter, proposes spring election change

The USG Senate voted Sunday night to "reactivate" the University's chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons as well as to recognize three new student groups.

"The NAACP is one of the nation's oldest and most influential civil rights organizations," USG vice president Spencer Merriweather '00 said.


The University's chapter of the organization has been defunct for "about a year," since its former officers graduated, Merriweather explained.

"(The NAACP) is already recognized (by the USG); we're just reactivating the group," he said.

According to the group's proposal, it will "sponsor forums to discuss difficult and controversial issues," as well as create programs to promote the interest and welfare of black students at the University.

According to the report, the main focus will be on "reigniting the activism which evoked the 'progress' we see today."

Other groups

The NAACP was one of four proposed student groups recommended for approval by the Student Group Recognition Committee. Other new organizations included the Princeton Materials Research Society, the Princeton University Mock Trial team and "icon," a new publication of student creative work.

As a result of its recognition by the Senate, the Mock Trial team will now be on par with other Whig-Clio groups such as Model U.N., Merriweather said.


In its proposal, "icon" described itself as "a source of exposure and representation for the visual arts at Princeton, in the form of a periodical publication." However, the group added, "we also hope to stay away from haphazard collections of student work . . . our intention is to either organize issues with a specific theme in mind, or focus on the work of a single artist."

The Princeton Materials Research Society, according to its report, will "generate enthusiasm for materials science and engineering among the undergraduate community." The group plans to include a gifted faculty speaker series, field trips and study breaks.


Additionally, the USG took measures to amend its constitution regarding the composition of its spring Elections Committee. As it stands, the statute calls for the Elections Committee to be made up of all junior-class members of the Executive Committee. USG president David Ascher '99 said the present statute would create an unusually small committee and an "overly heavy concentration of power" this year. There are only three members of the Class of '99 on the Executive Committee.

The proposed amendment would dictate that the spring Elections Committee consist of the president, vice-president, treasurer and the four core committee chairs.

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The resolution passed by the required two-thirds vote Sunday night. To be formally added to the constitution, however, it must pass by another two-thirds majority at the Senate's March 29 meeting.

Projects Board

The Senate also passed a resolution calling for student group recognition proposals to be made available via email to the members of the USG Senate 24 hours in advance of the next meeting.

Finally, the Senate approved three Projects Board grants to various student organizations, including the South Asian Students Association, the Persian-American society and the Center for Jewish Life.