Tuesday, December 6

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University mascot

If Princeton fans in the Hartford Civic Center think they smell a waft of mothballs tonight amidst the pleasant odors of popcorn and hot dogs, they are probably not mistaken. The Princeton mascot is in town.

It is an outrage that this flea-bitten rug will be strolling onto the floor tonight to represent the University on national television. Surely the school with the fourth-largest endowment in the nation could afford to fork over the paltry sum that would finally give athletic teams and the student body an honest-to-goodness tiger they could be proud of. Take a lesson from Clemson. They have a tiger. We have a cut of upholstery held together by duct tape and chewing gum.


Associate Director of Annual Giving John Gore '68 says buying a new mascot takes time and assures us a new outfit is in the works and will be ready by the fall. This would be a viable excuse if the mascot had not been like this for years.

It is not just a matter of looking good for the NCAA tournament. Princeton is a Division I school and it should not have to wait patiently for a mascot free of mildew stains. Procuring a mascot – a real mascot – should have been done the moment its tail required safety pins to remain attached.