Saturday, November 26

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It seems as though Vice President for Finance and Administration Dick Spies GS '72 and Director of Physical Planning Jon Hlafter '61 have found the perfect model for University housing in those tiny tins of sardines you can find in any local grocer. This, however, is not a completely fitting analogy: At least those tightly packed little fish will not be sleeping on cots in Dillon Gym for the better part of September and October. The Department of Physical Planning's major miscalculation of the Scully construction site and the subsequent plans to herd students into the redesigned Scully like beef cattle not only demonstrates the administration's incompetence, but also a complete disregard for student comfort. Soft firmament? A University as wealthy as ours should be able to invent a new and improved firmament to place under Scully. This whole contention of spongy firmament seems a little soft. It would not be going too far to buy into the "vast right-wing conspiracy" maintained by a student shafted by the mishap. The administration could very well have kept "Scullygate" under wraps until after room assignments had been determined, leaving frustrated students out in the cold. The University promised a big, new, shiny dorm for the fall and now they are reneging on that promise without providing viable options for students inconvenienced by these recent developments. Cots in Dillon Gym? We don't think so. As a reminder of the shoddy bit of administration that has occurred here, cots should be placed in the offices of Dick Spies and Jon Hlafter until the shortened Scully is completed.