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Railing rationality

It has been a wild ride lately for local skateboarders. First, with the installation of the Blair Arch railings, they enjoyed the thrills of a veritable amusement park ride. Now, with the University's appreciated display of good judgment, that ride is coming to an end. Three of the much-maligned railings will soon be removed, the remaining one shifted discreetly to the side.

While the University may have had legitmate safety concerns over the most prominent steps on campus, there was no reason to turn this hallowed spot into a jungle of ugly metal piping. Apparently we are not the only ones to have these sentiments: the railings drew an indignant response from students and alumni alike.


In this instance, the University has been open to suggestions, listened to criticism and taken appropriate action to amend an initiative that made the steps leading up to Blair Arch an eyesore. By reducing the number of railings, the University has addressed its safety concern without marring one of its most aesthetic locations.