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DEC contemplates new eating options

Members of Dial, Elm, Cannon Club may be making their own meals next year if the DEC Graduate Board accepts one of several new meal plan alternatives currently being discussed.

According to DEC president Gretchen Hultman '99, DEC members are evaluating several eating programs for next year, including one possibility that would entail making DEC a coop in which members would make their own meals, thus eliminating the need for a full kitchen staff.


These fiscal considerations come after DEC's low turnout during Snicker and sign-in period last month, yielding only 20 new members.

"We are trying to look into (eating) options that take into account our low club membership," Hultman said.

According to Hultman, DEC members met Sunday evening to discuss a new club policy enacted Feb. 17 that suspended the serving of hot breakfasts Monday through Friday. DEC now offers a cold, continental breakfast to its members on those days.

"To me, hot breakfast is not that big of an issue, but six or seven members were really upset, and they wanted to talk about it," Hultman explained. "There are other clubs that don't serve hot breakfast either," she added.

The meeting also provided a forum for discussion over possible eating alternatives for the coming year, Hultman said. Making DEC a coop was one option discussed, she explained.

ICC adviser Mike Jackman '92 declined to speculate as to the fiscal impact of DEC's smaller membership, saying it would be an issue that the DEC graduate board would probably address the next time it meets.


"(DEC) couldn't make any radical changes without the support of the grad board," Jackman noted.

Hultman said that the DEC graduate board had not met since before Snicker, and she expects it to meet again within the next two weeks. Before it meets, no official policy can be made, she explained.

"The grad board has not been disclosing much to us," Hultman said.

DEC business manager Stuart Rossey declined to comment on the new developments.

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Hultman said she was enthusiastic about DEC's future, citing some of the benefits of a smaller membership. "The club's a lot tighter now, and the group we got this year was awesome," she said.

Hultman emphasized that, at present, the club members are just discussing "options," and that no official decisions are being made.

"These things we are talking about are a long way off; no permanent decisions are being made right now," she said.