Saturday, November 26

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Weekend occurrences include BB pellets, mooning

Months after the Sovereign Bank robbery and the apprehension of a flasher on campus, two incidents this past weekend demonstrated that the University is not yet crime-free.

In the first incident, an unknown perpetrator fired BB pellets at several windows on the west side of Witherspoon Hall at 3:55 a.m. Friday, according to a Princeton Borough Police Department press release.


The BBs made several holes in the building's windows and entered student bedrooms, Public Safety Crime Specialist Barry Weiser said. The student victims reported the incident 16 minutes later, according to the press release.

The police are currently looking for the suspect. Their investigation has included officers "looking in adjacent buildings to see if someone has a BB gun," Weiser said. However, the officers have been able to find no evidence of the perpetrators except for holes in the windows and the BB pellets.

Yesterday afternoon, assistant foreman of the carpenter shop Paul Didonato could find no record of a work order to repair any Witherspoon windows. "If we don't get the information (that the windows were broken), we can't make repairs," he said.

Firestone incident

A less violent but equally disturbing incident took place at Firestone Library Sunday night.

According to a Princeton Borough Police Department press release, "Two female students were studying in Firestone Library. They saw the two suspects press their buttocks against a window."

The two-by-three foot windowpane broke, and one of the suspects leaned against the wall, the release continued.


Since the maintenance department had to order glass to repair the window, it was boarded up yesterday but will be repaired tomorrow, Didonato said. The cost to repair the window should be under $100, he said.

The two students who witnessed the incident, ages 19 and 21, described the perpetrators as two white males who are approximately 18 to 20 years old, according to the release.

Princeton Borough Police Captain Peter Hanley would not speculate as to whether either of the suspects were students.

The crime will be considered "criminal mischief," as opposed to a sex-related incident, Weiser said. "We suppose (the perpetrators) were going to moon these people, and they got too close," resulting in the broken window, he explained.

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Weiser said of the broken window, "I think it would stop them from doing that in the future.