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Search to commence for Sistek successor

Cheryl Sistek, director of the Women's Center, informed the University she would be resigning from her position July 1. Though she announced this seven months ago, the University has not yet begun the search for a replacement.

"We will begin (the process) soon, probably," said Associate Dean of Student Life Kathleen Deignan.


Deignan will lead the search committee that will evaluate and interview possible candidates. This committee will be comprised of students appointed by USG president David Ascher '99 and University administrators chosen by Deignan.

However, once these evaluations are complete, Deignan will make the final decision and offer a job to the chosen applicant. Deignan said she hopes to assemble the search committee next month and expects to name the new director early this summer.

"In the student life area, our experience is that the big season for applicants is later winter, early spring. We want to make sure that we don't get a pool less strong than we want it to be," Deignan explained.

Ascher expressed skepticism about Deignan's strategy. "My instinct tells me that some of the top potential candidates would already have been wooed by some other offer by late March," he said.

Student involvement

Ascher also said he was concerned that student involvement in candidate evaluations would be limited by the late starting date.

"I have full confidence in the administration's desire to involve students in the decision, but I wish that these search procedures could begin earlier," he said.


"We've never had that problem in the past," Deignan said. "Before January, people are still in the mode of their old jobs."

Ascher noted that academic responsibilities late in the semester might prevent students from taking an active role in the selection process for the new director.

"Often times, these search processes run into April, even early May. When that occurs, students are busy with papers and exams and they aren't able to participate fully in the process," he explained.

"My fear is that those who have to make the decision will feel rushed to do so and won't adequately consult all interested parties," Ascher said.

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Students involved in the Women's Center expressed interest in participating in the search for a new director.

"I would think with a position relying so heavily on student input that they would want the opinion of the people directly involved," Kira Gnesdiloff '98 said.

"I think the sooner the process starts, the more likely it will be that students will have more input in the process," Sistek agreed.