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Rudolph the red-smelled reindeer

I am magic to say to you about a modern wonder of Internet technology what is intended to revolutionize the way that we use the Web. In the middle of December, Digital Corporation launched their automatic translator and in line of document on their Search Engine of AltaVista. The translator can take the whole pages of Web or the specific passages of the text and translate them into a certain number of languages. The possibilities for the cross-cultural transmission are astonishing. The world will be never identical, and again we can thank the Internet.

In truth, this column was initially composed in English and then was translated into French and was sent to a friend with me in Paris. After I to him sent it, I unfortunately destroyed the initial version when my hard reader broke down. However, I could completely recover grace of article to the French-English option of translation on the site of Alta Vista. It simply returned it and then I made it retranslate. As you can see, the original is turned over in perfect state, without any damage with initial prose.


There are thus many potential uses for this technology which it is difficult to know where to start. Let us start completely close to the house. For example, word you write a paper for your comparative class of literature about Rimbaud. You seek Alta Vista, seeking some quotation mark devastators who will incite your professor to think to you are the best critical spirit to leave Princeton since Edmund Wilson. Alta Vista returns a list of sites duly, but, unfortunately, all the best seems to be in French. No problem. Just cliquetez in function "translate" the button and – veiled! – obscurely the gallic one is returned in perfect English. The system also functions with the back, which can be much more useful when it comes at the points from marking with your friends. If you are good the lit. student, will not pass to you to the top of the occasion to quote Charles Baudelaire. But what if you know only the suitable a-recovery in English? Your friends will not be impressed. The coffee crowd will laugh at you. Or worse, they will silently be filled of schadenfreude.

Ever feared. Jump more to a battery of computer with your copy of "The Eyes of the Poor", type the words "AmpËreheure! Thus you want to know why I hate you today", cliquetez the magic button and your problems are solved! The lines dÈvastatrices of Baudelaire are with you to throw around in French. Even if the translation is not perfect, it is not very probable that no matter who will dare to call your bluff. Even if they, you can always say that you quote memory, that it is ÈtÈe a long time since you read the book. After all, only the imbeciles by heart learn the large whole pieces of prose: you absorb in the place the true core of the great art. This should make you come out of all the well sticking situations.

This new translation service is useful not only for the students preparing a licence culturelement ignoramuses, however. During a few years now we were hearing about the way in which the Internet goes breaks up barriers between the cultures. Each one of Esther Dyson to Al Gore indicates to us that the world is apprehensive, that the information technology is the future and that the total village is finally current. But the skeptics asked for which language which will be spoken in this new Community about the world. Some naysayers suggested that the idea is empty, a cultural plating for coarse marketing and homogeneity of corporation. They fear that the local traditions and cultures are unobtrusive, that that the rise in the total company wants to say a concomitant decline in human diversity.

But they were proven badly. The translation system proves that the significant interculturelle transmission is really possible. In fact, as an experiment in the cross-cultural exchange, at Christmas period I also sent to my French friend my preferred song of Christmas, "Rudolph the red-smelled reindeer." Once that it had received the translated version, we logged-on unit and sang the version of Alta-Vista in a celebration of the spirit of Christmas in new the age of the Internet. Here words, if you want to test it with some of your friends: "Rudolph the red-smelled reindeer, had a nose very shining; and if you never see it, you would even say that it rougeoyÈ. All the other reindeer was accustomed to laughing it and calling names. They never let poor Rudloph join any play of reindeer. Then does one take care misty of Christmas, Santa came to indicate "Rudolph with your so luminous nose, not you reader my sleigh this evening?". Then how the reindeer has liked, and they shouted outside with the glee " Rudolph the red-smelled reindeer, will downwards enter you the history!" Really, the total village is current, and not a pipedream.