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Letters to the Editor

On defense, criticism

As I read Mr. Klein's "opinion" piece, entitled "Please, just the facts ma'am" in the Monday issue of the 'Prince,' I was saddened to learn that the current Managing Board had broken their fingers and thus were incapable of composing an editorial response to the recent criticisms aimed at The Daily Princetonian. I know that a journal such as the 'Prince,' which prides itself on the journalistic standards that Mr. Klein so fervently defended, would never purposefully use a former editor-in-chief to espouse the views of the current staff, much less in the format of an opinion article.


Ladies and gentlemen, if you are truly aspiring professional journalists, it's time to act professionally. Listen to the criticism of your readers, weigh in its merits, and assume responsibility for your replies through your own editorial column. Certainly you can try to pawn off an editorial defense on a former editor-in-chief acting as an outside observer, but, in the words of your spokesperson, Mr. Klein, "What a crime it would be for such an entity to call itself a newspaper." Sarah Janicki '98 Editor's Note: The views expressed in signed opinion pieces do not reflect the opinion of The Daily Princetonian.