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Our final issue: Stepping aside

The 1998 Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian steps down with this issue. As we scurry to our carrels to begin writing our theses, we reflect on our time at Princeton and at the 'Prince' with fond memories.

We are not ignorant or pompous enough to believe that the 'Prince' is always essential campus reading. We hear the criticism, ranging from accusations of systematic bias to simple irrelevance. In the past year, we have striven to make this paper the best that we can make it. And we hope most people will agree that there is a good deal this paper does right. We're not always at the top of our game, but when we are, we think this paper does more than report the news. We are the mirror and the voice of the Princeton campus, reflecting what we observe and saying what we believe, as a paper and as a community.


Our role has not been to please the greatest number of people, and neither has it been to paint a glowing portrait of this campus. We have tried to be fair, even if we have written stories from which previous managing boards have shied away. For us, it has been a marvelous ride, even if we may not win any popularity contests.

We leave you with a new group of editors that is ready to continue the tradition that has kept this paper going for over 120 years. They come with new ideas for the paper and with a new vision for its future. Like any newspaper, the 'Prince' strives to become essential. But before we get there, appreciate us for what we do right, and do not hesitate to criticize us for what we do wrong. Like Princeton as a whole, the 'Prince' is a learning experience. Besides, a paper that cannot listen to its readers is not just nonessential, it is indeed irrelevant. RICK KLEIN '98 121st Editor-in-Chief