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Jennings to delay Olympics if snow does not stick today

When the most substantial snow the campus has seen in 1998 began falling yesterday, Class of 2000 president Jen Jennings received numerous e-mails and calls from anxious sophomores wanting to know if the time had finally arrived for this year's Nude Olympics.

A combination of dropping temperatures and steadily falling snow initially suggested that students might be frolicking in the flurries by midnight. However, by noon, it was decided that lack of accumulation would prevent the much-anticipated event.


With many students finishing up exams this week, Jennings explained that if there is not enough snow for the Nude Olympics by tonight, it will be postponed until the beginning of the spring semester – Monday, Feb. 2 at the earliest.

"A lot of people won't be on campus this week," she said, "and we don't want them to miss it."