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Zoe Perot


Princeton Triangle Club under the magnifying glass

In November, the Triangle Club solved a mystery that could only be solved by a certain sleuth. For their 124thyear as a group, the Princeton Triangle Club staged “An Inconvenient Sleuth,”a play where the mayor of “Smalltown” is kidnapped and both the characters and audience attempt to discover the mastermind behind it all.

Tourist or not tourist?

I spent two weeks this summer in the Netherlands, a countryIonce lived in and still know well. I was there for both work and play and spent most of my days wandering around the city of Delft on foot or bicycle, taking pictures.

Summer Reading: 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'

“Girl With a Pearl Earring: A Servant’s Life, a Master’s Obsession, a Matter of Honour” is Tracy Chevalier’s fictional recreation of the story behind Jan Vermeer’s famous painting.

The art of the thesis

At this time of year, the word “thesis” conjures images of hardcovers and bound pages, not films and art exhibitions.

Changing paths from premed

I looked up through the glass dividing my workbench from the guy across from me. We exchanged a glance and shook our heads, silently acknowledging the desperation, woe and mild consternation that permeated Orgo lab.

In defense of: Super cold weather

Your nose aches.Your fingers are numb. You trudge quickly between buildings, hoping to limit your exposure to the outside world as much as possible, staring at your feet to keep from slipping on the icy paths, head bent into the bitter, vicious wind that scours your cheeks.

What's hot on campus?

Meditation: Take a Breath, Princeton!It is a sprint to the finish. With just three weeks between fall break and Thanksgiving and just two between Thanksgiving and winter break, everything is being crammed into these final days on campus.

What's hot on campus?

Activity: Laser Tag Thanks to “How I Met Your Mother," laser tag is making a comeback!

The Secret Life of Princeton EMTs

At Princeton, the Pace Center for Civic Engagement provides students with the opportunity to train to become emergency medical technicians and join the local rescue squad, treating patients around campus and in the local community.