Samuel Garfinkle


PPPL sponsors 33rd annual lecture series

To illustrate the importance of this issue, Kolemen played a clip from back to the future showing the “Mr. Fusion” device used to power a time-traveling car. Kolemen explained that process control should allow fusion to take place in a space of 5 or 6 meters in diameter, though he doubts that it would ever be possible in something as small as the Mr. Fusion. He outlined several methods for creating fusion energy, starting with the obvious example of the sun. This type of fusion energy is not attainable, though, for an obvious reason.

Eisgruber explains email supporting DACA, hesitation in designating campus as "Sanctuary Campus"

In an email sent to the undergraduate student body on Monday afternoon, University President Christopher Eisgruber '83 said that the concept of a “Sanctuary Campus” is a legally unfounded, noting consultation with immigration lawyers as the basis for this impression. Eisgruber also brought to bear his own experience as a constitutional scholar, connecting the judgment of these lawyers with “commitment to the rule of law,” which he holds as “one of the country’s most basic principles.” In the email, he wrote, “In a country that respects the rule of law, every person and every official, no matter what office he or she may hold, is subject to the law and must respect the rights of others.

Dyson shares unconventional advice about future

World-renowned theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson shared a lifetime’s worth of wisdom about the future while dining with 30 members of Princeton Envision.Dyson urged Americans to plan more on a macroscale and to be careful about misestimating the impact of solar energy and robots.